Saturday, April 1, 2023

Adjusting, Waterfront, and Overdid It

I'm a planner by nature and I like to take baby steps. But I'm learning to go with the flow.
I recently read something about how we look at each new day as a blank page where we can write anything. The day is ours to make it anything we want! But Psalm 139 says, 'All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.'
The page isn't blank. The Lord has already planned my day, written it all out. And because of that new perspective, I'm learning to seek Him about what to do, and I'm accepting things even if they don't go my way. After all, His ways are higher than my ways!
I had expected to have a week to pack up and move my desk but Monday morning the person I was switching desks with came to me and told me her desk was empty anytime I was ready.
 Ahhh! What?! I had done some sorting and packing but not much. But, I got to work and by the end of the day, we were both moved in to our new desks. No stress, no panic, no loop of thoughts going over and over... it was unexpected, but it went so well!
And I. Love. It. It's so quiet and I love my co-workers.
Chuck and I walked along the pier last weekend. The weather has been beautiful! While looking at the water, a friend popped up to say hello! Other people were saying it's part of the same family that's been around for a few months. I may have seen him when I was there back in January.


 Do you do this too? When Spring arrives you go out to work in the yard for the first time and there's so much you want (need!) to get done that you wake up the next day feeling so sore? I planted flowers in 5 pots, pulled weeds, swept, and the next day... ouch! But I love looking at all the flowers now! 😊


Terri D said...

Answering your last question, no I don't go outside to do any yard work. Not my thing. I did pull some weeds a week ago and that was enough!! LOL Your water photos are beautiful. You caught the sparkles just right!! Happy Sunday!!

Jeanie said...

I'm glad your desk move went well. I would be overwhelmed if it happened that suddenly, although it sounds as like even though she was ready, if you weren't it would be OK!

I love your walking area. Water is just the best for such things. And yes, that first full day in the yard is going to hurt -- I'll need to pace myself.

ellen b. said...

Every time I go out into the yard to work I'm sore at the end. Beautiful photos at the water. Glad the desk moving went well. Happy Easter week to you.

Billie Jo said...

So happy you are happy with your new setup! And no. I cannot say I work outside because I am, unfortunately, horrible at it! But I do know what you are saying about overdoing it! I do that inside! The kids always say, "Mom's in one of those moods!" LOL