Wednesday, July 27, 2022

MRI Update, Garden Stuff, and Games

Thank you for your kind comments on my last post.
Chuck's oncologist had given him some Lorazepam to take about an hour before the test. He was very relaxed when I drove him down there!
He got into the machine and after about 4 minutes he asked to be taken back out. He took some more medicine, sat in the chair for a while then tried again. The second time he was able to last the entire time. What a relief! So now we wait for the results. We expect it will be a tele-med appointment.
I trimmed my hydrangea bush way back this year and only got two blooms on it. I wondered if that would happen. Just have to look forward to next year!

 Ally and I have been playing games lately. She's really good and usually beats me!

This is a form of Mancala. I learned it as The Shell Game when I was in grade school. Some of the rules I learned are different from Mancala but it's basically the same game.

My mom had these cards when I was growing up but I don't know if they were part of a game or not. There's probably 10 cards all together. She gave them to me many years ago and we've always just used them to play Bingo. Have you seen them before?

We've had temps in the 90's the last few days. The windows and blinds are closed all day and the fans are going full blast. It was 85 in here last night around 9:00! Tonight it's a few degrees cooler but we're supposed to have these temps for a few more days. We're soaking it up because we know it will be over before we know it!
I hope you're doing well. Have a wonderful day!


Susan said...

I think those cards are from a game called Pokeno. We used to play it in the 70's. It is like bingo. Glad your hubby made it through the MRI!

Mevely317 said...

Thank you for sharing this update! Have a blessed day!

Jeanie said...

Good news about the MRI -- I'm glad it went well and hope the results are good, too. That card layout reminds me of the game "Sequence," which I love. Haven't played mancala in years -- I think I've forgotten how!

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~ I'm so glad that, Chuck was able to make it through the MRI, I know how difficult that is. I pray that the results are good. We keep everything closed up here as well, that's the only way to stay cool. Your card game reminds me of a game my mother used to play called, Kings Corner. I never played it but I remember seeing it in her home. I love Hydrangeas, and at least you have's gorgeous! Hugs, Barb

Terri D said...

I'm not familiar with those games but do know the fun of playing games with the littles! Makes for good memories and sweet bonding! Do please keep us posted about the MRI results. Prayers continue!! xo

ellen b. said...

That is good news that the MRI could be completed. Fun to play games with your granddaughter! I'm not familiar with those games. Looks like we'll all enjoy a bit of a cool down now. Blessings.