Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Teamwork, Easter Flashback, So Ready

We went to the cardiologist a few days ago and he cleared Chuck to go back to work. So tonight, that's where he is, the first time in just over a month! He was so ready. They still don't know what caused him to pass out but he hasn't had any episodes since.

Ally has joined a volleyball league and we went to a game last weekend. Sharaya's the assistant coach, they've been practicing every week for a month or so and this was their first game. It was fun to see the girls work on new skills and learn teamwork.

We had a great Easter. Chuck, Beth and I went to church in the morning then we all headed over to Diana and Peter's for lunch. Peter made lamb and chicken, brussel sprouts, a pasta spinach and cheese dish. Sharaya made the mashed potatoes... everything was SO good! We brought pie for dessert.

After lunch we made our annual trip to the tulip fields. Ally was with her dad but Peter's sister flew in from New Jersey the night before and was able to come with us. It was Easter Sunday, the weather was nice so of course there were a ton of people! But the flowers were gorgeous and we were all together. Nothing better than that.


(My mom, our girls and one of their friends.)




I hope you all had a blessed Easter!


Joyce said...

So lucky to live near those tulip fields. I went with my girls a few years ago, when my oldest was living in Tacoma. Pictures don't do them justice! Thanks for visiting my blog : )

Rebecca Jo said...

So glad to hear Chuck got the all clear. Isnt it so lingering to not get an answer WHY though? That drives me nuts.
So glad you all had a wonderful Easter together

Terri D said...

Hooray for Chuck's okay to get back to work! I love, love, love that you recreated that picture!! The tulips are amazing! Glad you had a wonderful Easter celebration! I did too! xo

Jeanie said...

So glad Chuck is back at work. That must feel terrific for him. And you!

Does Beth like music? The RicStar music therapy camp for children and adults with special needs just opened up their registration for either in-person or virtual campers of all ages. It's such a terrific event and I wanted to be sure you knew about it.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is great news on Chuck being able to go back to work. Wishing Ally all the best with her volleyball league. Sounds like you had a lovely Easter. Love the photo. How wonderful to go see the tulip fields and those and the photos by the fence are too cute!

ellen b. said...

Hooray for Chuck being cleared for work. Love the before and after shots at Roozengaarde! Beautiful shots!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Oh so beautiful! Those tulips are just gorgeous! So glad you were able to go. Love the pictures! Sounds like a wonderful Easter. And praise God for Chuck being cleared to go back to work! I know that is an answer to prayer!! Blessings to all!