Friday, November 6, 2020

A Few Random Things

 I'm looking through my pictures and trying to remember what I haven't told you about yet.

 Beth's boyfriend lives about 20-30 minutes from us, depending on traffic so his parents and I met half way and let the kids see each other again. It's the first time since February! We went out for lunch then the two of them walked around the mall for a while.

While we were in Denver with Chuck's sister we took a day and drove about 2 hours south to see my sister. They live in the middle of nowhere and are in the process of building a house. They're literally 22 miles off the main road and there are very few houses around them!

Then you come up to their driveway

My sister said that on a clear day they can see Pikes Peak! 


Beth and I took part in our church's Trunk or Treat as Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. We usually have a huge Harvest Party with about 1300 people going through the hallways and classrooms playing games, bobbing for apples and sliding down giant inflatables set up in our gym. Obviously we couldn't do that this year so we did a drive-by trunk or treat and it was so much fun! Everyone thanked us for doing it. The community was so grateful there was someplace for their kids to go that night. And we had fun doing it! There were so many cute ideas!

I hope you had a wonderful week!


Terri D said...

Your costumes are SO cute and I love the decorated cars for Trunk or Treat. That is such a great idea to keep kids off the streets and away from possible germs! It's nice that Beth and her sweetie got to spend some time together at the mall!!

Susan said...

We normally participate in Trunk N Treat but it was cancelled this year. My grands were okay with it. They did go to my neighbor who gave the tons of candy. That is nice that Beth got to see her boyfriend.

ellen b. said...

Looks like a fun trunk or treat!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love the Pooh & Piglet outfits.
How did Beth do going that long without seeing your boyfriend? I'm sure they were so excited to see one another

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Oh, I loved the Trunk or Treat ideas! I never thought about dressing up the trunks like that! I haven't been to one of those before. What a great idea! So happy Beth and her sweetie had some time together! Amazing they haven't seen each other since Feb.! Glad they still enjoyed being together! That trip to your sister in law's place looks long and barren. I hope they enjoy it! Wow! I guess I wasn't aware that Colorado looked quite like that. I'm sure the view of Pike's Peak will be gorgeous. Have a wonderful week!