Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Long Distance Celebration and a Big Ooops

We celebrated Beth and Sharaya's birthday's before we left for Denver and I ended up buying Sharaya something she already had (a membership to an art museum.) Ooops! I should have known better! She loves art! And the art museum actually contacted me to tell me she already had a membership. So they refunded my money and now I'm looking for another gift for her.

We were in Denver on Beth's actual birthday. We got a text from Diana while we were at the hotel and she wanted to have some donuts delivered for her. Beth ended up eating a donut for breakfast every day we were there! She loved it!

She turned around to show me what she got!

Here she's saying, "Thank you Chickenbutt!"


We went to Red Robin for dinner but they didn't sing, no candle or anything but that was okay. We all wished her a Happy Birthday and she got her sundae!

What do you do to celebrate birthdays? 
Are you low-key or a big party person?


Susan said...

Happy Birthday!! We just celebrated my husbands birthday this past weekend. I wrote about it on my Wed. entry. I hope you had a nice time in Denver!

ellen b. said...

The longer I live the more low key I become! :)
Nice to celebrate close by or long distance. That's nice that your money was refunded.

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

Happy late birthday, Beth!! Noting better than donuts for breakfast!!

We actually have a birthday today! My little grandson is turning 7, hard to believe he is that old! We usually just celebrate with cake and ice cream and open gifts. But tonight, we are going to go down and have pizza (takeout) with him! We are watching Averi tonight so she will be going with us...she is so excited, birthdays are her thing!!

Our state has just been put back into stage 3, so we are really trying to limit contact with too many people.

Fun pictures!!

Hugs and Love,

Terri D said...

We are old and don't do much to celebrate anymore. Dinner out but we don't tell anyone so we don't get sung too. We cherish the special days and thank God for another year!

Rebecca Jo said...

All the SUGAR for Birthday celebration - love it!
We're not a big birthday celebration people - but its still fun to get some sweet treats

Sara P. said...

What fun to have a donut a day! I love to stretch a birthday out. And even though I’m sixty years old, I still love presents. Happy Birthday to Beth and Sharaya!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

What a lovely time you had! And those donuts look so good!! I haven't had one in ages! Now I want one. Happy Birthday to Beth! Yes, we celebrate birthdays...usually have some kind of party either at home or out to eat, depending on who can come and how many. But we always have cake and ice cream, unless you are like me and prefer apple pie! Although this year I didn't get my pie for my birthday because my sister couldn't come and she usually either bakes one for me or picks one up at Costco, which is a good one. It is a family tradition that my mother started. So I hope I will get my apple pie for Thanksgiving if my sister can come then! I don't care how old we are, we need to celebrate life!!!

Jeanie said...

It sounds like a lovely time! We're generally low key, at least for us. A nice dinner is all we need!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love the idea of the donuts! That was a nice gift. Happy Birthday to Beth and Sharaya!