Monday, May 22, 2017

A Recent Shock in the Rear View Mirror!

Sharaya sent me a text saying her car broke down and she had to have it towed and she was having a reeeeaaally long day and... could her and Allie come over for dinner?

Absolutely! I asked her what she wanted and went home after work prepared for her and Allie to hang out.

The loaner car she was given was a Ford Exhibition, the thing was huge compared to her car! I stood on the porch as they got out and Allie wanted me to come see their car. She wanted to keep it! 

I looked around the outside for few seconds and then climbed into the front seat. It was so nice inside! I looked in the rear view mirror and there was Diana sitting in the back seat!!


I jumped out of the car - I think I was still screaming - "Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!!" I gave her a huge hug and asked her what she was doing here!

"It's Mother's Day."

She had flown all the way from Pennsylvania to spend this weekend with me! Makes me cry all over again!

Sharaya had known for a couple of weeks and was able to keep it a secret from me. They also didn't tell Allie and surprised her at school just before coming to our house. Actually, no one knew! Diana surprised Chuck and Beth as well!

This is me and Diana in front of the loaner car. It's a re-creation because we were too excited to take pictures the first time! 💖

We spent time at the beach, went to Revelation Yogurt, it was SO good to hang out with her!

Allie loves to climb!

Downtown Edmonds.

 We went out to eat on Mother's Day, then came back here to open gifts, play board games and of course take some family photos!

I hope your Mother's Day was filled with fun surprises too!


Billie Jo said...

What a wonderful surprise!!!!!!
I am so very happy for you!!!!
Beautiful photos!

Rebecca Jo said...

That just made me smile all the smiles!
What a perfect Mother's Day surprise!!!

bj said...

awww....what an absolute BEAUTIFUL Mother's Day for have such a lovely family, Cindy...and Allie is movie star pretty....xoxo

Bethany Carson said...

Sounds like a wonderful surprise, and looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Rachel said...

What a sweet Mother's Day surprise!!