Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hello Readers! I have a question For You

I was invited to a brunch last weekend for moms of kids who have special needs. It was sponsored by a group called Eagle Wings, a faith-based organization that provides activities for adults with special needs. In fact, they put on the Winter Wonderland Ball that Beth and Nick went to a few weeks ago.

Nick's mom had invited me to the brunch so I dropped Beth off at their house so the two of them could have some time alone (Nicks dad was home - which I was very thankful for after reading their texts the night before! Two consenting adults with raging hormones... well that's a post for another time!) 

So Loren and I get to the brunch and it's held at a quaint little coffee shop, it's actually an old church that's been converted and it's filled with antiques and collectables and the room was so cute!

 (This photo is from their website)

They had round tables set up for us and served us the yummiest croissant sandwiches!

(Again, not my photo)
(It wasn't until we left that I thought to take photos. Sigh.)

There was no agenda or special speaker, it was just a time for us moms to sit down and have adult conversations with each other. It was nice to just sit and talk with others, not rushed or directed, but just sharing our hearts and our stories.

Loren and I ended up taking Beth and Nick out later so they could get some lunch.

I spoke with some of the board members of Eagle Wings to see if my church could possibly host an event for them and we plan to meet in a few days. The problem is, I have no idea what we should do! Maybe a movie night? But we'd have to sit in chairs... I've been racking my brain and can't really think of anything.

What kind of event would you attend? If you have kids with special needs and were taking them out for the evening, what kinds of things would you want to do? Even if your kids are 'typical' what activities or events would you be interested in doing?


Deborah said...

The moms event sounds so nice! Some of the things our group has done or talked about doing with our teens and adults: karaoke, bowling, an art night, Zumba, movies, a cooking class, bingo.

Addie said...

previous previous poster has some really good ideas - I was also going to suggest a cooking class or bingo.... but karaoke or an art night sounds like so much fun.

I also thought about a "carnival night" where there were different little games to play and carnival food and prizes... :)

looks like fun! I wish we had something like this in our community

Rebecca Jo said...

Maybe if there was some kind of activity - you can get people to come in & do like a basic art/painting class. That could be fun... or something that just keeps the hands busy. Or how about a game night of some sort?

oh mercy... racy texts? Oh wow... I bet life is never slow for you to watch Beth with a budding relationship between those two. ;) Keep at it momma!

Katie Clooney said...

I think bowling would fun. They can have fun while using up all that energy! Have a great weekend. Love the pic of the love birds.