Thursday, May 26, 2016


Chuck and I went on a short hike yesterday. It was recommended by the health insurance company with Chuck's work. We're in the middle of this forest and I noticed there wasn't one single sound. There were no birds chirping, not a single person around anywhere, we couldn't even hear cars on the nearby roads! It was really spooky!

We're walking on this trail and we come to a post where there should have been a directional sign telling us that we we're on the right path but the sign was gone! But they said it was a moderate to light hike so we kept walking and I made a mental note of what we were wearing and realized we didn't come prepared to spend the night in the forest. I tend to panic easily. :)

I texted Sharaya and told her where we were and the name of the program. That way if something happened to us, they'd be able to look it up on-line and at least go to the right area to search for us. I even made a mental note of what we were wearing. My next plan was to begin to look for someplace we could make a shelter. :)

But that wasn't necessary because after just a few minutes we came to the end of the trail, and the sign that told us we'd finished this challenge. It really was a beautiful walk but I didn't enjoy it very much because I was preparing to spend the night outside listening for search dogs!

Sorry they're so blurry.
I was probably shaking with fear! Haha!


Billie Jo said...

This is so me!!!
Glad you made it out safe and sound!
Have a nice weekend. : )

Caz said...

That looks really good - I love getting lost in woods. Well done for making it out and for doing all the right things to make sure you were found if needed!

bj said...

I can never enjoy a hike thru a forest...always too afraid I'll see something scary....LOL