Monday, April 18, 2016

Guess Who Came To Dinner!?!

Beth has been counting down the days, she was SO excited! I emailed Nicks mom a couple weeks ago about having him come over for lunch on a Sunday. He wanted to take the DART bus (rather than his folks driving him) "Mr Independence!" as his mom called him. :)

Of course church ran long so we rushed home and were so glad we got to the house before he did. I saw the bus first and told her to go out and meet him.

It was the sweetest thing! He was such a gentleman all day. We ended up ordering pizza just because church was late and we were frazzled by the time we got home. But we all enjoyed it and had good conversation at the dinner table.

After we ate, Sharaya and Allie had another family event to go to so I cleaned up and Beth and Nick went downstairs. They kept the door open the whole time and were very good! After a few minutes they turned on the karaoke machine and oh my goodness! I think the neighbors heard them! They sang songs from Frozen, Les Mis, High School Musical... it was fun to listen to them sing together.

After a while I went down and asked if they were ready for s'mores. Nick said, "God bless you, Beth's mom!" :) The weather was gorgeous and it was nice to be outside for a while. While I lit the fire, Nick pushed his chair back and then told Beth, "Babe you should move your chair. It's not safe to be close to the fire." He called her Babe the entire day, it was really sweet.

We talked about Nick wanting to get his driver license, about the two of them getting their own house and what life would be like after they were married. I think if we said 'Okay' they'd be married tomorrow! But - they still have so much to learn about each other. So many issues to discuss. He wants kids but she says she isn't ready. Could they live by themselves? How would they handle arguments? How would they pay their bills? Could they afford their own place? Would they lose their Social Security if they get married? So many things to figure out.

After he left, Beth and I sat at the kitchen table talking about the day. I do believe it was so good for them to spend time alone, outside of All Aboard, no family sitting right with them. It gave them a chance to relax with one another and really be themselves. She definitely wants to invite him over again!


Heather said...

What a sweet boyfriend Beth has! He sounds like a keeper!

Meg said...

So nice to read this. So happy for Beth. Thanks for sharing.

Caz said...

Wonderful. Beth's found somebody to sing with x

Unknown said...

This is amazing. I am SO happy for Beth. I could tell she really, really likes Nick when we talked about him at dinner last month. That picture of him getting off the bus and coming to her......beautiful. I'm so thrilled that they have found each other. One step at a time....hard to do but so important.

Unknown said...

I hope someday Lily has a boyfriend like Nick and that she finds comfort in a relationship.