Thursday, December 10, 2015

Their First Date

On Sunday Beth and I walked into Denny's and Nick said, "Beth's mom, my mom is sitting over there" and he pointed to the other side of the room. Then he patted the spot next to him, "Beth, you sit right here."

It was so sweet to see the two of them together. Loren and Nick arrived before we did so she was sitting facing them. I turned around often to get a peek and he would have his arm around her or they'd be looking over the menu to decide what to eat or he was tickling her...

Loren and I talked for 2 hours. About our husbands, our kids, our lives. Then Nick called his mom over and she said he needed help with how much to tip. :)

As Loren was paying, Nick almost bumped her arm and she told him to be careful. He reached up like he was going to bump her elbow, then looked at me and got a very sly smile on his face! He's such a funny, warm guy.

Beth keeps telling me, "I think he's the one for me." "I think he's my forever."

We've talked about what it would be like if they got married. I asked her if she'd want to have a baby and she said no. I honestly don't think she'd be able to handle a baby. Loren said Nick lived alone for 5 years but I know Beth couldn't do that. If this really does go as far as marriage, well, there's just so much we'd have to consider.

These are conversations I never thought I'd have with Beth. But now there are situations we have to discuss and consider for her future. For their future.

For now though, I've told her they have to get to know each other better. They have to go on dates, go to the movies, he could come here and see where she lives. She can go see where he lives. They need to spend a long time getting to know one another.

I don't know where this will lead but Beth is sure having the time of her life!

 (This was taken at her birthday in October.)


jody lynn said...

awesome! thanks for sharing.

Meg said...

So happy for her! And for you all. Hope things continue to go well.

Unknown said...

I'm in tears over here! This is SO exciting, I feel like I was on that date. :) They look so happy together.

Heather said...

What a cute couple! Congratulations Beth, he sounds wonderful!

Caz said...

Wow Beth! And I love that photo - it's just, joy x

Michelle said...

Beth looks so happy in that picture! They both do!