Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Her First Kiss!

A few weeks ago Beth came home and I asked her, "How did it go at bowling today?"

With a sly little smile she said, "Awesome. I got two strikes and a spare."

Then she threw her arms in the air, "And I got my first kiss!!" 

And she squealed!

"What?!? N kissed you?!?"


"On the lips?"


Oh my. This is getting serious. 
They've been sitting next to each other in art class and they sometimes hold hands.

Then she says, "I think he's the one for me."

(Deep breath, Cindy! Keep breathing!)

Today during karaoke she sang an Austin & Ally song called Me And You.

Me and you
Ooh ooh
So glad I got a guy like you
Me and you
Ooh ooh 

N went up front and they swayed together while she sang.

I'm thinking maybe it's time we meet 'Mr Right''.

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Unknown said...

Oh Cindy....I'm crying such happy tears here. How exciting for Beth!