Friday, December 12, 2014

What a Pair!

For a while Allie didn't really want anything to do with Beth. Beth would come up to give her a hug and Allie would push her away. Beth would put her hand on her shoulder and Allie would pull away and say, "Stop Beth."

I would often see her just watching Beth, as we'd play board games or at dinner, Allie would just watch her. I talked to her once about Beth and Down Syndrome and how Beth can do things, it just takes her longer. I told her how the Down Syndrome happened before Beth was born and that it wasn't her fault, it wasn't anything she did wrong, it was just the way God made her.

You may have seen my last post of Allie's 5th birthday party. She's 5 already!! And... she's warming up to Beth. She'll run up to her now, "Bethy!" and give her a big hug. Granted, she does that with everyone but now she's including Beth. I'm so glad. For both of them. I'm glad Allie is seeing Beth as someone she can hang out with and I'm glad Beth is able to experience that love you feel when someone greets you like that!

They were playing with Allie's flash cards the other day. Allie would hold it up and Beth would read it to her. They worked on letter sounds and reading. It's been fun to watch them together!



Unknown said...

How wonderful to see their relationship growing! Love that pic of the two of them smiling at the camera. :)

Anonymous said...

This post warms my heart!