Saturday, November 22, 2014

Taking a Back Seat

Blogging seems to be taking a back seat to life these days. And after reading some of your blogging posts, it seems I'm not alone.

I think so many moms are now posting on Facebook, asking questions, sharing pics and stories of their day to day activities, blogging just doesn't seem as necessary. I don't post too often, but I like to read about what others are doing. I'm getting annoyed with all the videos though, I want to hear about your lives, your kids. But I can't complain because I don't post about my life or my kids! :)

So, that's why there hasn't been much activity on here lately.

Chuck still hasn't found a job. He's had a few promising interviews and now we're just waiting to hear back. Waiting can be the hardest part.

Beth is getting over a cold. It seems she always gets one this time of year, when the weather changes for real and her nose gets cold and dry. She's better today though and has gone to work, the first time she's been out of the house in 4 days.

Sharaya and Diana just went to see The Hunger Games - Mocking Jay. They both loved it! This is the first Hunger Games movie Diana hasn't seen at the premier in London. She was so disappointed she didn't get to go this time!

Sharaya and Allie went to Disney On Ice last night and had a great time. Allison sure loves her Disney! Of course, so does Sharaya. I still remember her reaction when she got her first Jasmine Barbie all those years ago!

I'm gearing up for our huge Thanksgiving outreach next week. Our church puts on a dinner for the community and we serve approx. 1400 people in three separate seatings. It's free of charge and we serve the homeless, on duty police officers, single people without family in the area, anyone who wants to come and have dinner is welcome. They sit at round tables and are served by a table host who fills their drinks, offers seconds and prays with people if they need it. I lead the Condiment team. We provide the dinner rolls, pickles, olives, cranberry sauce... then after the program is over, we wheel out huge carts of slices of pumpkin pie, complete with whipped cream!

It's an exhausting day, but oh so worth it. A lot of planning and preparation goes into it and that's what I've been busy doing lately. Between work, and laundry and dishes... :)

I think about you all so often and hope things are going well for you.

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Caz said...

Have a good thanksgiving. What you do with your time is fantastic.