Friday, February 14, 2014

"It's Just Not Me."

Okay, I took your advice and decided to email the pictures to myself. I looked at my phone and realized I didn't know HOW to email. :)

Diana helped me... no that's not true. Diana did it all, then showed me what I needed to do. Gotta be honest here! She emailed the picture, then showed me how to do it and I did it! I emailed a picture to myself, woohoo!

Now my pictures are saved in my Pictures Library on my computer. I am now going to attempt to retrieve them from the library and post them here.

Here goes!

Well... it brought up Sky Drive, which is where I've gone at times to view my pictures but when I clicked on the Pictures link, it said there was nothing there. Sigh.

I think I figured it out! Although I hit a few links so hopefully I'll remember what I did next time! Dontcha love old people! :)

Here is the long awaited picture of Beth with her pink hair. In this one she's looking at my sister and smiling. In the other photos she's looking at me, and so she's not smiling and they look like mug shots. I'm not posting them because they are still on my phone and it will take me weeks to get them uploaded here. :)

When I asked Beth how she liked having pink hair, she didn't say anything. I told her that she could wear it that way when she goes bowling and she said, "No thanks. It's just not me."

Beth had an eye appointment earlier this week. She has severe astigmatism in her right eye which is why it floats toward her nose. It shows up a lot in pictures. Her prescription has changed slightly so she'll be getting new glasses. She picked out some plastic frames that are very different from the metal frames she's been wearing. They look really good on her though. I thought they looked very natural on her. I'll try to get a picture of her when they come in. By the time I get it uploaded, you should see it in about 6 months!! :)


Caz said...

lovely photo, and the pink hair looks great, although I can understand Beth feeling it's not for her. Good to hear from you and well done on solving the photo puzzle - for now anyway.

Deborah said...

Good job on figuring out the photos! I like the pink hair ... it's fun to do something drastic once in a while. I can't wait to see Beth's new glasses!