Saturday, August 31, 2013

She Never Speaks

August 31st. My mom would have been 78 today. She passed away in 2005 and I still miss her every day.

I wish I could call her and ask her things. Tell her I'm sorry for not understanding all the things she tried to teach me but I just never got. Too often now-a-days I find myself thinking, 'So this is what my mom was trying to tell me!' Now that my kids are young adults, I'm understanding a lot more! :)

I've been having dreams about her lately. Probably the time of year though. But something interesting, in my dreams she never speaks. She's just there.

Me and my mom around 1967. 
She had gone back to school to get her high school diploma.
She was so much stronger than I gave her credit for.


Caz said...

I love that picture so much, for lots of reasons. Snake and I are being really struck with the frailty of our parents here at the moment, because of lots of health issues, but you're right, when I think of all the things they've all done and do, they are strong. It must be a double edged sword, but it seems sort of wonderful to me that you dream of her.

Jenny said...

I love the picture...And I love that your Mom went back to school and got her diploma, that's so cool. I am finding too, the older I get the more I understand everything my parents have ever tried to teach me.