Saturday, February 9, 2013

Let Me Introduce Myself

You might not remember me because it's been so long since I last wrote!! I'm sorry!!

This has been a crazy two weeks. We've been out almost every single night with meetings and errands. I"m still getting used to my new hours at work. Plus they'll be changing again in a couple weeks.

Our small group has started up again so we're out every Wednesday, usually til around 9:30.

We celebrated Chuck's birthday on Thursday. My hubby is 55! Our friends keep telling us about all the great discounts out there that are available to those who are 55 and over. We're definitely looking forward to this!! I secretly took cupcakes to our small group host home before the meeting started, then we surprised Chuck with a little impromptu singing.

Thursday Ryan and Sharaya came over for dinner, then gifts and pie. Chuck isn't a big fan of cake so every year I buy a lemon meringue pie. His favorite! And there were cupcakes left over from our small group so there was a lot to choose from.

Ugh. Too many sweets. A lack of sleep. We're looking forward to getting back to normal next week.


Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your husband! I'm not a big fan of cake either, but I do LOVE homemade coca-cola cake and so that's what I made myself last year for my birthday. :)

Jennifer Scott said...

Happy birthday! I'm sure he loved the surprised celebration. :)

Caz said...

Good to hear from you! Happy birthday Chuck, hope you get to enjoy all the benefits 55 can bring.