Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Not True Anymore

Beth doesn't really talk, did I tell you that?

Well, I guess the best way to describe it is she doesn't often engage in conversation. She doesn't walk in the door and talk about her day. She will answer questions, the same questions that have become part of her routine.

On Tuesdays she's on a bowling league. She'll come in after it's over, put her score sheet and newsletter on the counter and go downstairs. We usually try to catch her, "Beth, did you have fun?"


Looking at her scores for the day I see she bowled a personal best of 129!! Four spares and two strikes!! "Wow Beth, this is awesome! Congratul..." She's already downstairs with the door shut.

I wrote this post about 4-5 months ago and saved it as a draft. The only time I've ever saved a draft. I was going to title it Anderson Detective Agency. We had to constantly ask questions, inquire about everything and basically beg Beth to talk to us. She just didn't say much.

But that has all changed the last few months. Now, we can't get her to stop talking. :)

I'm not sure what made the difference but she started greeting at our church about 8 months ago. Every other Sunday morning she stands at one of the doors and shakes hands with everyone who comes in. She looks at them and says, "Welcome" or "Good morning." That's the only thing I can think of that would have helped bring her out of her shell.

Her job coach told us the other day (we had our annual meeting with the state) that Beth is interacting with her more and participating more in job class.

In fact, she's talking so much I gently told her the other day that it's okay to be quiet sometimes. We were in the car (it's hard to understand her unless I look at her and read her lips when she's talking) and I was having to ask her to repeat everything. We had gone out shopping (5 1/2 hours!) and I was drained. She had literally talked the. entire. time. I don't mean a few sentences here and there. I mean absolutely, non stop talking. I'm surprised she didn't get a sore throat.

We were standing in line at the bathroom and the handicap stall became available. As she was going into it she turned to me, "Mom it's big enough. You can come too."

At a shoe store, she sat down on a little bench to try on shoes and said, "Man I love shopping!"

Went went to get her hair cut and as the hairdresser was showing her to the chair, Beth said, "I like your music." Beth spoke to her first, that was huge! They continued to talk the whole time.

While we were sitting in the food court eating our Auntie Anne's Pretzels she told me about her bowling teammates; her volunteer position at the elementary school, then she jumped up from the table. "Beth where are you going?" She pointed to a table behind us. "My friends!" And she went over to their table and talked to them. Actually started the conversation with them. I was just stunned.

She's also learned to text. Oh my has she learned to text! So much so that we had to change our plans to 'unlimited' because I was going over my limit receiving and answering all her texts! Diana has unlimited but Chuck, Beth and I didn't text that much. Until now.

These changes have been such a breath of fresh air. Beth is spending so much time upstairs, eating breakfast with us, talking with us, engaging in life with us. I don't honestly know what's caused this change but we love it!! This has been one of the biggest changes and one of the highlights of 2012 for me.

I am excited to see what 2013 has in store!


Jess said...

It sounds like some awesome changes are happening for you all. I enjoyed reading this post a lot.

Unknown said...

This is SO awesome! WTG, Beth! I am excited to hear more about your conversations with her.

Becky said...

I am so happy to read this and wonder what big things God has in store for 2013! The texting cracks me up. I still do not have a phone with text capacity yet! :)

Jennifer Scott said...

Sounds fabulous!! Happy New Year!

Laurie said...

Yay Beth!! I had to smile when I read about being hard to understand unless you're facing her, reading lips...... I SOOOO understand that. The most exhausting conversations occur in the car......

did her thyroid issues impact her talking/socializing? or cause a sort of "depression" before that caused her introversion?

April Vernon said...

How wonderful to hear! Happy New Year!

Caz said...

That's amazing Cindy, I wonder what's changed for her? Congratulations to Beth, and strength to you for all those car journeys and long shopping trips.

Unknown said...

This was so beautiful. It made me cry. Thank you for sharing. I am glad she is doing so well. I wish you and your family a beautiful year that is filled with lots of talking and a little quiet too. Love, Becky

Erin said...

What a lovely post to read! I am shy too, so I completely understand ;) So happy for you and Beth.

Mom of 12 said...

How exciting is that?! I remember when Nate started really talking, now I can't get him to stop.

JC said...

This was awesome to read!! I love that she texts you all the time! lol

Annie said...

That's so exciting! Way to go, Beth!

Unknown said...

Woo Hoo - our kids are life-long learners!!! Congrats and Happy New Year - 2013 will be great!!!

Kristin said...

Wow - that actually got me a little teary. Fantastic!