Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thirty Eight

Our church held a week of prayer and fasting this week. It began Monday and ended this morning. Chuck fasted food for the week but I didn't know what I was going to fast until Monday morning. I had the day off and was walking to the computer when I felt impressed that I was to fast the internet.

No blogging, no facebook, no pinterest, no For a week! I didn't realize just how many hours I spent on the internet each week.... until I stopped. It's been rather eye opening.

Last night our church ended the week with an all night prayer meeting. It began at 9 PM and ended at 6:00 this morning. We'd pray for an hour, then take a 30 minute break. They served juice, coffee, tea and water in the Commons (our gym), then it was back to the Sanctuary for prayer. At 6:00 we had breakfast, then headed home.

Most Saturdays are quiet for us, but today -
Chuck's Bible study at 9AM
Beth's choir rehearsal at 10:00
Bible study ended at 11:00
Chuck's doctor appt at 11:30
Choir rehearsal ended at 12:00

As long as I stayed busy today I was fine. But the minute I sat down, to eat or watch TV or get on the internet, I'd start to doze off. As of this writing, I've been awake for 38 hours. Staying awake all night gets harder as I get older!

I have so much to tell you:
Beth's job interview update
Visitors next month!
Fun packages in the mail!
A new friend I met today

But I can barely keep my eyes open so I'm going to bed. Of all the things I gave up this week, I missed all of you the most. I kept thinking about you and your kids and the milestones and hospital visits and broken hearts and I really had a hard time not logging on to find out how you were all doing.

I've missed you.


Kristin said...

I tell myself all the time I need to cut back on computer time. A week - holy moly! My kids would love me for it ;) I'd go bonkers - blogging is my therapy!

JC said...

Ah, I could not fast from the internet, that would be hard for me...I live in kind of a remote area so getting on here and talking to people saves my sanity :)

Nan said...

Welcome back. May your centredness (sorry for Cdn spelling) be shared with all of us! Look forward to new posts and updates. Blessings. Nan

Alex's Mom said...

Thanks for checking in - can't wait for the updates.

Unknown said...

I haven't stayed up all night in years...and I don't want to really : ) I am super impressed!