Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Are my problems with IE 9 or Blogger?

We upgraded to Internet Explorer 9 the other day and now Blogger is different. It's been difficult to leave comments. I have to try numerous times before it finally accepts it.

The font that shows in my New Post field is very basic, almost like code. And when I try to change the font, it's not available, like some of my new post options, Underline, Text, ect. are not visible.

Is anyone else having problems? Is it Blogger... or IE 9?

I just hit Publish Post and it's telling me, "An error occurred while saving!! Grrrrr!


Becca said...

Yeah, lots of issues from Blogger lately. I can't leave comments on a lot of blogs (like this one - that's why Sammi's picture isn't on this comment) with my regular Blogger profile. Try changing your comments settings to "open comments in a pop-out window" or something like that. I've told 2 people to do that now, and both times it worked perfectly. :-)

Wren said...

I haven't had any issues, but I know others have. We started using Google Chrome and few months back and I love it...I'm not a fan of change, but once I got use to it I was amazed at how much better it is...faster, easier and "safer" in terms of securities.

Good luck, there's nothing more annoying than computer problems!

JC said...

I have been having major issues with blogger. Half the time I cannot get my posts to show up in the dashboards at all...I cant comment on most blogs...Sometimes I cant on this one either, that's why I email you :)...Or else I have to switch my browser to fire fox and then I can comment most times...I don't know, its all weird.
Maybe I will look into Google Chrome too...Cause these issues are pissing me off! lol

Anonymous said...

I am not able to update my Blogger posts with IE9. I have to use Google Chrome to do that. However, I am able to leave comments in Blogger with IE9. It is a real mixed bag of problems.