Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'Adult' Conversation

Beth and I went shopping today. You know how it is during December; Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, shopping for baking supplies.... it seems we're at the store almost every day!

I took Beth out today and she finished her Christmas shopping. One gift for every person on her list and now she's done. Beth's an adult; I don't have to bring a stroller or a diaper bag. When I need to use the bathroom, she usually does too and visa versa. We walk, we shop and we talk. Oh, the conversations we have!!

We pulled into one parkinglot and she said,

B - "Dis remin me of Toy Stowy Thwee."

Me - "It does? How?"

B - "Da Playgroun."

(We were nowhere near a playground. We were in a parkinglot. I'm desperately trying to remember a playground in TS3.)

B - "When Woody is outside."

(I noticed a little patch of grass with a chain link fence. Then I remembered Woody going outside at the daycare center.)

Me - "Oh I see it now!" :)

We pull up to a red light and a large truck in front of us pulls into Jack in the Box. Beth points toward JITB;

B - "That remin me of Harry Potter."

Me - "What reminds you of Harry Potter?"

B - "Da tree. There was a big spidow! I no like big spidows. Only liddle ones I can step on."

Maybe we need to cut back on her TV viewing time.


Becca said...

LOL! Love it! Sammi watches entirely too much tv, too, and often talks about the shows. I just have to hope we're the only ones privvy to those conversations... :-)

Cheryl said...

I'm with Beth,I don't like the big spider's either ;)